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You will see some of my musings along with book recommendations, startup discussions, a little bit of philosophy, and everything I learn along my journey of creating companies and mindfulness.

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A little about me, I'm a 24-year-old entrepreneur and currently Communications Analyst & Community Builder at Elaia, a top-tier European VC firm investing in tech & deep tech as well as Board Member at baby vc. 

I've co-founded companies, communities and projects like Start Me Up France, Boka Book Cafe, Poetry For You, Project Mysa, The Jellyfish Collective, Start Me Up France and been part of companies like the CCI Hauts-de-Seine as well as contributed to initiatives like G. Ventures.

I've always believed in the power of being a jack of all trades and constantly asking questions and that's why I have experimented with multiple jobs and roles in my life. But most of all, I call myself a lifelong learner with multiple skills that I can use to maximise leverage and provide the maximum positive impact on the world.

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A brief description of my entrepreneurial journey.

Boka Book Cafe

I created a book cafe with my best friend from college and helped hundreds of artists and creators find a place to sit and read books or work in the middle of the city. The need arose from the lack of good places in the city to sit and read books.

Poetry For You

Poetry For You was born from a need of my friends and I having trouble sharing our work and improving our work. We then created a poetry community with 100+ members through monthly and bi-monthly events to celebrate the art of poetry and support each other's art.

The Jellyfish Collective

I created Jellyfish with three of my designer friends during the lockdowns in order to solve problems the design industry was facing regarding decision speed and execution and hopefully build a new model for design companies to work at scale with the same agility as specialised agencies.

Start Me Up

Start Me Up started as an incubation program started by one of my current co-founders at the business school I was studying, since our graduation, we've helped 60+ students and have now made it into an accelerator for startups having a positive, scalable impact on the world.

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